Among Millionaire Voters, Hillary is the Favorite

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Hillary Clinton has never had a reputation for championing — at least in practice — your everyday American. After all, she fully supported the Wall Street bailout in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, further cementing the financiers’ backing for her presidential run in 2016. She is cozy with Goldman Sachs’ Gary Gensler, and is reportedly preparing to choose him as the country’s next treasury secretary if she gets elected.

Now we have a report from CNBC on a survey showing that Mrs. Clinton is the favorite candidate among millionaire voters, surpassing even Jeb Bush for the top spot:

“The survey, which polls 750 Americans with a net worth of $1 million or more, found that 53 percent of millionaires would vote for the Democratic ex-Secretary of State, compared with 47 percent for the GOP presidential hopeful, in a hypothetical general-election match-up. Clinton had the support of 91 percent of Democratic millionaires, 13 percent of Republican millionaires and 57 percent of Independent millionaires.

“The CNBC Millionaire Survey skews more Republican than the broader voting population, which makes the support for Hillary even more notable. Of the millionaires polled, 34 percent were Independent, 31 percent were Republican and 34 percent were Democrats (a few didn’t give an affiliation).”

There’s nothing wrong with having millionaire support per se, but this is yet another indicator of Mrs. Clinton’s crony agenda to benefit the politically connected few. It also comes with the usual dose of irony, considering her campaign is framing her as an enemy of the 1% who is fighting hard for the middle class and the poor. Many Americans already know whose interests she really has in mind, but it’s time for her liberal supporters to dig a little deeper as to why the banks have been pouring cash into her campaign.