Another Day, Another Dishonest Slander on Ron Paul

10959773_10153704233551686_3239079440454426323_nThe progressive news site Addicting Info is once again predictably attacking Ron Paul, this time for a recent interview he did with Lew Rockwell in which he stated that the Congressional Black Caucus opposes wars because they would rather have the money spent domestically on food stamps.

His point was that the CBC is not principled in consistently opposing sanctions or wars. The sad thing about leftist propaganda outlets like this one is that a statement that has zero to do with claiming one race is inferior to another is now considered “racist.” The CBC historically has strongly favored high welfare spending. Is anyone denying that? Ron has proposed reducing both military and welfare spending, regardless of the fact that most recipients are white or black. How does that make him racist?

Just look at how far Addicting Info is reaching to try to smear this man, showing a “newsletter under his name” without providing any proof whatsoever that he actually wrote it. A newsletter which he has disavowed time and time again after being hounded by the mainstream media. Meanwhile, Barack Obama, who illegally bombed the living daylights out of Libya in 2011, is let off the hook whenever his policies have deadly effects on everyone including black people. Let’s see, what’s worse? A man who supposedly wrote a racist newsletter (though we have zero proof he was the one who wrote it) about 30 years ago? Or a man who militarily invaded a nation and, hence, murdered tens of thousands of Africans in the process, not to mention the ongoing disaster resulting from that progressive “humanitarian” intervention? Never mind that Ron Paul has always opposed the War on Drugs, while Obama continues to support a policy that has put countless people in cages for victimless “crimes.” “But who cares what what Ron Paul actually proposed? He said something about food stamps? Ignorant racist crank!”

The writers at Addicting Info really could not care less about black people, shouting “racism!” only when it furthers their manipulative, opportunistic political agenda.

Ron Paul doesn’t have a shred of racism in his body, and we can tell simply by looking at the lengths to which the mainstream media and its progressive, “alternative” outlet lap-dogs try to slander him, while failing to substantively prove their deceptive declarations.