Bernie Sanders Defends Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Image: Associated Press

In 2014 we saw yet another round of bloodshed in Gaza as Israel launched an all-out assault after the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers who were in the West Bank. The 50-day war resulted in 73 killed Israelis, including 6 civilians, and almost 2,200 killed Palestinians, most of whom were civilians, including more than 500 children.

At a town hall meeting in Vermont, someone asked Bernie Sanders about the attacks, and he managed to deflect the question and go on about Hamas’s use of public areas as shields from Israeli bombs as well as their misuse of funds to build tunnels “for military purposes.” He even changed the subject by mentioning ISIS as another danger demanding attention in the Middle East. His weak response worked only to infuriate some of the people who attended, as you can see in the video:


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